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Month by month you send checks to credit card companies to get rid of your debt. We know your feelings. That's why we created this on-line directory of low apr credit cards. Here you can compare them and choose a better one. We offer a comprehensive list of the 2004 online available, zero introductory APR credit cards, with safe instant approval!
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Frequently asked credit-related questions

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Here’s a little info about
Annual Percentage Rate:

It can either be "fixed" or "variable". Fixed-rate APR-s are usually a little higher, but you know exactly how much you will be charged each month. A variable or floating rate will fluctuate based on a published index.

For example: The APR on your low apr credit card is 18%. Typically, credit card companies calculate that rate on either a daily or monthly basis. The daily rate is calculated on your daily balance and the monthly rate on your monthly.

Let's say you charge $800 for a new TV. Few weeks later, you get your bill and you decide to pay only the minimum. This is when finance charge steps in, and if your card works on a monthly basis, you will be charged 1-1/2% , (or1.5 %) interest on $800.

Where did the 1.5 % come from? That’s 18% divided by 12, as 12 months in a year. (Annual Percentage Rate).

Next month, when you get your bill, and you did not charged anything on your card, and you made your minimum payment of $15, you will be unsatisfised.

From the $15 minimum payment you made, $12 pays the interest and only $3 will reduce the $800 down to $797. — which does not seem like much progress.

This is where you have to be carefull. If you only make the minimum payment each month, most of your money goes toward paying off the finance charge—the amount you’re being charged on the money you’ve effectively borrowed from the credit card company.

So, if you borrow the money for a long time, you would end up paying far more for the product than you originally wanted.

This is why it’s far more smart business—to choose a low APR credit card and pay not only the minimum payment but as much as you can !

With today’s credit card companies, there are many opportunities to get your cards rate of 21% or more reduced. The higher the amount of interest your card charges will cost you more for a simple purchase and ultimately may take you years to pay off instead of months, should you make the minimum payment allowed. People often just pay the minimum balance as a way to improve their credit rating; this couldn’t be a more dangerous way to increase your credit score. Leveraging the credit card company to say “Uncle” to your ability to switch over is easier than you think.

The switch over lower APR credit card tactic
If your credit card interest rate is over 20% you should definitely seek relief in several ways. One of these ways is to let them know you are thinking of moving to a competitor’s credit card because they are offering a lower rate. They will move promptly to earn your dollars and interest. Let them know how unsatisfied you are about their ability to reduce your percentage rate commensurate with your ability to pay your bill in a timely manner. They will probably put you on hold immediately and speak with a manager to get your rate reduced.

Don’t be afraid to move to another credit card company offering a low apr credit card
Some credit card companies will not budge when it comes to reducing your rate: even if you threaten to leave them. That is when you look for another credit card that meets your immediate financial needs. Shop around to the major credit card companies and seek out the best possible rates. You can also search on the Internet for sites that give the best low apr credit card ratings. This will allow you to make a financial decision that can save you hundreds if not thousands in the long run.
There are a dozen reputable credit card companies in the market who are willing to sign you up to earn your interest. These 0 APR cards will even offer to assume your previous credit card debt to help reduce the interest you are bearing on those accounts.

Low apr american express cashback
He walked me though all the paperwork, set-up my new savings and checking accounts, helped me with the auto loan application forms, and compare credit card low apr even suggested I apply for a credit card. If they get you a card at all it often will be a secured bank credit card, with high up-front application fees, that requires you to deposit and keep several hundred dollars in a savings account, or a card that only allows you to buy items in a catalogue from a business that you probably never low apr american express cashback
heard of. New interchange fee structures are introduced. An increasing number of credit card companies sign up their cardholders for free trial services, such as magazine subscriptions and apr business card credit low credit protection. Here is a road map to the average direct-mail credit card offer: 23 PIRG: The Credit Card Trap: How to Spot It, How to Avoid It Where To Find Disclosures About The Terms And Conditions Of A Credit Card Offer Front The front of a credit card offer is meant to entice the consumer who receives it to apply for the card. This type of credit card exposes the issuer to a lower risk and offers individuals who don't qualify for a regular,low apr american express cashback unsecured card, a chance to get a card backed by a deposit. There is an application fee of $59.95 and a processing fee of $100; however, if the cardholder activates the card within 30 days of it being issued, a special bonus rebate of $10.00 will be credited to the cardholder's account. Here are some tips on finding the right card and where to check that you have the low apr american express cashback best card for your needs. Earned points can be redeemed for free hotel stays, gift certificates, and various travel rewards. Not only that, but the interest you pay on your home loan is tax deductible. Credit repair and other companies often claim they guarantee to get you a credit card, regardless of your credit history. That within 15 days of approval of a phone or internet application, a Credit Card Issuer shall supply and obtain a signed credit agreement from the applicant. Visa Classic is simple, flexible, and recognized worldwide. When you make a return or pay more than the total balance at present, you can keep the credit on your account or write your issuer for a refund - if its more than a dollar.

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Comparing low APR credit cards

Before you just apply for a low APR credit card you should compare exactly what each company is offering with their low APR credit cards. Some may only offer this low rate for a short period of time.

You can compare all of these credit card companies online on many websites to find the one that is perfect for you. Let’s look at some of the offers that are available today.

The Citi® Platinum Select® Card offers 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 12 months, after the promotional period the APR is 9.99%, no annual fee, Secure, free online account management, 0 liability on unauthorized purchases, and the ability to apply online and receive an instant response. But you must have excellent credit.

The Chase Platinum Credit Card offers Low 0% Introductory APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers up to 12 months, after the first 12 months the regular APR is 10.24%, no annual fee, eligibility to enroll in Chase Travel Rewards where you can earn points for free flights, hotel stays and other rewards. You must once again have an excellent credit rating.

The Blue from American Express offers a 0% introductory APR for up to 15 months and a regular APR of 10.49%; no annual fee, free credit card reward program, and the ability to get instant online credit approval. Once again excellent credit is necessary.

The Discover® Platinum Card offers a 0% on Purchases and Balance Transfers for the first 10 months and then a regular APR of 9.99%, a percent Cashback Bonus® on Get More Program purchases throughout the year, no annual fee, up to 1% Cashback Bonus® on all your Other Purchases, 100% fraud protection, up to $50,000 credit limit and the ability to online account access and bill payment functions. A good credit rating is necessary.

The fifth most popular low APR credit cards is the HSBC Platinum MasterCard which offers a 0% APR introductory offer for the first 12 months and then a low APR of 10.24%, no annual fee, free online bill payment function, zero liability for fraudulent use and purchase protection. You only need a good credit rating to apply for this low APR credit card.

This is jus the top five low APR credit cards available today; you can find several more that may fit your needs.